Christmas wishes

Wherever you are...

My 2010 has flown by at the speed of light, with changes, excitement, confusion,  and a dizzying amount of multitasking. Through it all I’ve been working on the first book of a continuing character mystery series, which I’d planned to write under a pseudonym I used some years ago to write the adventure novel A Man’s Reach. My last big decision of 2010 is to shut down Val Cameron and bring the lonely girl home as Vanessa Grant. Early in 2011, you’ll see an announcement about the adventure novel A Man’s Reach, which is being reissued under the Vanessa Grant name.

The bonus about retiring Val Cameron is, I don’t need to decide if the Down a Dark Road story I’m writing for is a Vanessa Grant or a Val Cameron work – the fact that the boundaries between Val and Vanessa were blurring is one of the main reasons for retiring Val.

But now it’s time to focus on home, family (including a grandchild who will celebrate his first Christmas!), and celebrating those I love. I wish you all a warm Christmas with loved ones, and a New Year in which you stride forward on  the path to your most treasured dreams.  Can you believe 2011 is almost here? With Arthur C Clark’s 2001 and 2010 space odyssey years gone, I’m not sure I can count this high.

Wherever you are, it’s likely that the food banks are struggling this year, as they are here where I live. Many grocery store checkouts take donations for local food banks and a little help means a lot when people are wondering where the next meal comes from. It’s only one way to give. There are many. If we can all lend a helping hand, we can make a difference.

Vanessa Grant