Stray Lady

One minute George was sailing single-handed down Canada’s west coast, willing the salt breezes to show her how to go on living without her husband. The next she was being pulled from the waves by lighthouse keeper Lyle Stevens and drawn into a magic existence with him and his daughter. Lyle offered George love and the home she’d never known – but did she have the courage to gamble on love again?

Book 2 of the Jenny and Georgina series

… about writing Stray Lady

“I got the idea for Stray Lady while I was writing my fifth romance novel,  Jenny’s Turn. Jenny was miserable in love with a hero who never seemed to notice her, and I needed someone to shake Jenny out of her hopeless love and get her far enough away for the hero to realize how much she meant to him. I reached for inspiration and Jenny’s phone rang. When she picked it up, there was her cousin George. Like the hero of Jenny’s Turn, I didn’t realize at first that George was a woman. As a matter of fact, George and her guitar caused me quite a bit of trouble while I was writing Stray Lady. Here’s a woman sailing around the world and afraid to stop because she’s running from her grief. George’s story unfolded for me as I wrote Jenny’s Turn and I had to take a firm hand with this restless woman to stop her from taking over her cousin’s romance. “Just step back,” I told her firmly. “This is Jenny’s story, not yours. I’ll do you next, I promise.” Once Jenny’s Turn had been shipped off to my publisher, I was finally free to let George loose and as soon as I put her on the page of her own book she started causing trouble for me again. How on earth could I get her to stay in one place long enough to fall in love? I hope you enjoy reading Stray Lady as much as I enjoyed writing it.” Vanessa Grant

Originally published in hardcover by Mills and Boon Limited.

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