Seeking input: Hero’s Journey – at the heart of storytelling

Hi everyone, please could you help me?I am planning on creating an online course for storytellers on how to incorporate the Hero’s Journey into their creations. Right now I’m in my research phase and I’m looking for input.

If you were to take a course in Hero’s Journey – at the heart of storytelling what questions would you hope it would answer for you?

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Thank you so much for taking a moment to help me with your feedback!”

Vanessa Grant
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4 thoughts on “Seeking input: Hero’s Journey – at the heart of storytelling”

    1. Thanks, Malvina. What a great question. Making sure the tests and enemies part is interesting is a good strategy for avoiding the “saggy middle” trap in storytelling, which is an area I’ll definitely want to address.

      I’m collecting the answers to this question on a number of my social media channels, and putting them all into a my course development spreadsheet.

      Thanks again for contributing to my course development research!

      Have a great day

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