Getting to know Jenny and Georgina again

I’ve been putting off joining the world of blogs …. but I had no idea how much I was missing until my Web project brought me an intimate chat with two of my fictional heroines – Jenny and Georgina.

I’ve been putting off updating my Web site for years while one by one my fellow writers joined the world of blogs and set up a 21st Century Web presence. At first I told myself I didn’t have time. When friends called up their Webmaster or Webmistress to modernize the author pages, I told myself I had no excuse to hire someone else. After all I actually had a professional certificate in Web development, and once upon a time I’d taught a Webmaster certificate program. But my ten-year-old knowledge of the Web world was so sadly out of date it was a hindrance more than a help. I’d somehow managed to avoid blogs and confess that until EC Sheedy and Bonnie Edwards dragged their fellow  Pen Warriors into Twitter during a recent retreat, in my world tweeting was something birds did. Not that I was opposed to tweeting myself, but beyond knowing it was some form of social networking, I hadn’t a clue how to tweet or even why I would want to.

It’s embarrassing to be be an Internet Luddite when only ten years ago I was the tech nerd everyone called when they had computer problems.

Ah, well. I finally got tired of my own excuses and finally, today, I’ve got the web site up again – here’s my first blog on the new Website and I get to share the fun I’ve had today with anyone who stumbles into my virtual kitchen for a chat. Thanks to WordPress I haven’t had to dig into much of the HowTo, and have been able to focus on what I want to say here.

One thing I wanted to do on each of my book pages was to take a few minutes to write about the characters and how I came to know them. Today I’ve put up the pages for Jenny’s Turn and Stray Lady. Recalling how Jenny’s hero came to me while I was taking an instructional media course at summer school took me right back to the excitement of that moment when I started to get a feel for the world the film-maker instructor lived in. Exciting, state of the art, a perfect fit for a passionate, driven, successful, artistic – and yes, a little arrogant – hero. Jake, the hero of Jenny’s Turn was born in that lecture room and I had almost as much fun remembering as I’d had writing the book.

Remembering Jenny inevitably brought me to George, her cousin who started out as a voice on the telephone – at that point both Jake and I believed George was a man – and almost took over Jenny’s book. I rememberedhow I’d just finished writing a scene up on a boat in Massett on the Haida Gwaii islands, and George had been playing her guitar and I felt a guilty falling-in-love-with-the-wrong-person sensation when I realized it was George’s story I wanted to tell. I had some trouble subduing her voice in my mind until I could get Jenny’s story finished and get on to George’s tale in Stray Lady.

The day’s over now and instead of putting up all twenty-five books, I’ve succeeded in getting three up. But I’ve had a wonderful time reminiscing with old friends and smiling over their happy endings. It’s the sort of day where I wouldn’t miss being a writer for anything in the world!


6 thoughts on “Getting to know Jenny and Georgina again”

    1. It’s great to see you here EC.

      You’re right. We live in an amazing new world where the words of treasured books I’d never thought I would read again are coming to life. I’ve had the pleasure of hard to find titles by some of my favorite writers on my eReader in the last few years. Now I’m finally getting active bringing more of my own out-of-print titles back.


  1. Oh Vanessa! Welcome Welcome! What fun to have you here.

    what a lovely reason to recall the birth of a character: writing a page about them for your new site.

    I’m so interested in getting an e-reader! But I see Blackberry announcing a new tablet and I have a feeling I’ll wait awhile to see what Samsung & HP have to say. Love the photo and the site’s lovely.

    What a great cliffside picture. Just beautiful.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Bonnie. I’m glad you like the new Website.
      You’ll have numerous eReader/pad options to check out over the next few months. I’m enjoying my iPad, which I bought to replace my Sony reader. Appkle’s iBooks application gives me the feel of a real book in landscape mode with 2 pages side by side and the “open book” edges. I set it to “sepia” which gives a slight shading to the page and creates the illusion of real paper without losing print clarity. There are lots of good ePaper readers out there too – Kindle, Sony, and a cluster of others that are lower priced than the iPad, but I like the clarity and adjustable lighting of the Apple screens.
      For me, the best thing about eReaders is the instant gratification of online purchasing – irresistible for a fiction junkie like me!
      Have a great day

    1. Thanks for the feedback and the return link, Richard.

      And once again, thanks for doing such a great job on putting together the bonus CD for the 3rd edition of Writing Romance.


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