MusePD - professional development for storytellersMusePD – Professional Development for Storytellers
with Vanessa Grant Oltmann

After retiring from my full time professorship at Vancouver Island University, I wanted to get back to stretching my creative muscles and bathing in the love of storytelling that drove me to write over thirty-five novels Vanessa Grant and Val Cameron.

Because I don’t want to lose the fulfillment that came from my role as an educator, I’ve decided to combine my lifelong passion of writing and storytelling with my experience as an educator, creating resources for other storytellers. Because it’s 2016, to satisfy my inner geek, I get to mix in a little technology in the form of multimedia education.

I believe a real educator is a facilitator of knowledge, on a constant journey of discovery, helping people get in touch with the knowledge they’re seeking. I’ve always believed that an educator should never claim to be the seat of all knowledge. Nobody knows everything about anything, certainly not me. So in the spirit of professional development and sharing knowledge, I’m setting out to create a little professional development home for storytellers. Whenever I teach, I also learn from my students, and I’m hoping to do the same in my “MusePD – Professional Development for Storytellers” venture.

So as I develop my first two online multimedia courses for storytellers, I’ll share some of my experiences and discoveries. I also hope you’ll give me some feedback, suggestions, and ideas for topics. So don’t hesitate to share the kinds of things you’d like to talk about and learn.

Here’s what’s on the horizon for me … and, if it piques your interest, perhaps for you.

The Hero’s Journey – at the heart of story

I’ve just finished recording the introductory video for this course. I hope you enjoy watching, and I’d love it if you answered the following question:

If you were to take a course on the hero’s journey, what questions would you hope it would answer for you?

“Indie” Publishing the Easy Way

I’ve been indie publishing both 29 traditionally published backlist books and my new books electronically and in print for almost 20 years – and during that time the process has become way easier! Today, working from a cover art image and a finished, revised, and edited novel in Word or RTF, I can publish my books electronically to multiple channels in an amazingly short time. While I’m preparing the videos for this course, I’ll be timing exactly how long it takes me to publish a book – quickly, easily, and professionally – to both print on demand and multiple ebook channels.

When I complete the introductory video for this course, I’ll put it up here, and invite you to contribute your questions, thoughts and suggestions.

Here are a few reminders I use when editing my writing…

Want more? Let me know!

Have a good day…